6577 Locust Dr. Lake Ann, MI. View towards lake from north side of home: This vacation home comes with all the amenities: two kitchens, beautiful living room, pool table, cable TV, and a dining room with a water view. Its location at the end of the road ensures a measure of solitude and quiet. There are many things to do within an easy drive. Summer concerts at Interlochen Arts Academy, 8 miles south and east. The sand dunes are 20 minutes west, Leland (Fish Town) is 25 miles north, and Traverse City is only 10 miles east. Great swimming and fishing!

Price: See http://www.vrbo.com/64882


Deposit: $300/wk due within seven days of reservation, remainder seven days before rental. Reservation is contingent upon receiving deposit. Tardy deposit may result in loss of reservation, and refund of entire deposit upon such an occasion.


Cancellation: Cancellation of reservation 4 weeks or more prior to reserved time will result in a $25 processing fee and refund of remaining balance. Cancellation within 4 weeks of reservation will result in loss of deposit, unless a replacement rental can be arranged prior to the expiration of that time slot, at which time the deposit will be refunded minus a $25 processing fee.


Security Deposit: Up to $50 due at "Owner Discretion" seven days before rental, to be refunded in full if there is no unusual wear and tear.


Contact: (765) 760-4573 (evenings and weekends) for reservations & information

Send email to: bryanlake@sugartreehill.com


Payment Address: <name to be provided>

701 N. Cherry Wood Ln.

Muncie, IN 47304


Directions: See Maps Below






Local Map (Top = North) Map Location: 10 miles west of Traverse City & 185 miles from north Lansing


Mistwood Golf Course 2 miles (Open to Public)

20 miles east of Lake Michigan or 18 miles south of Lake Michigan

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